Up Apricot

“The apricot flavour”
This new Sundaville variety has delicate 7 cm star shaped pale apricot flowers and long and thin oval leaves. It has good branching, blooms very early and has a strong upward growth habit. Sundaville Up Apricot plants are suitable for 12 cm pots with minimal support. Its branches can be trained in a spiral through plant supports when grown in bigger pots.

Up …
A new kind of Sundaville range is born. These unique ultra bright flashy star-shaped flowers are a real breakthrough in Mandevilla breeding. Also, its unique plant shape is very different from normal Mandevillas. It grows upwards and due to its very good branching, it looks like an Orchid (Phalaenopsis) with multiple upright bunches of flowers on one stem. It is good in mother stock production and in propagation. The above allows easy production of small plants without support or with pyramids for bigger pot sizes. Last but not least, it has very strong (re)flowering power which therefore makes it a unique gift product, is it is also good for indoors. More colours are coming soon.